Not all heroes wear capes!

Our street team goes all over town looking for chances to help animals in need. This requires a variety of skills and resources. One of the most important things they provide is education. Teaching people how to better care for their pet and helping them find low-cost resources for things like spay or neutering goes a long way towards improving the quality of life for that pet.

In the fall and winter, delivering dog houses and straw to keep pets warm is a big priority.

In the spring and summer, we focus more on actively seeking out neglect cases and using what resources we have to remove and rehome that animal. During these times, we try to collect worming medication and Frontline for fleas and ticks. Extreme heat becomes a problem in the summertime as well, and we usually have a few cases each year where animals die from lack of shade and water.

These photos give you a glimpse of what our street team does and the animals they help.

It feels as rewarding as it looks. Join us!