Texas Pit Crew is only able to have dogs available for adoption because of fosters.

We do not have a facility where the dogs can stay, all of our dogs stay with foster families who care for them until a forever home is found. Fostering is a great experience for the foster family and the dog who would otherwise have nowhere to go.

Petfinder has a good article on why you should foster a dog and what it entails. You can read the article here. 

Petfinder also has a good article on how to prepare your home and how to protect your other pets from sickness along with other advice to help make the foster successful. You can read the article here. 

One great way to save a life is to foster a dog destined to go out of state.  We arrange for as many dogs as possible to be transported to the east coast. Dogs going out of state have to live with a foster for at least two weeks. This means you will keep a dog in your home for no more than four weeks and prepare it for a happy life in another state. Texas Pit Crew does not receive payment of any kind for dogs transported out of state. We do this to save as many dogs as possible and have had great success with it so far.